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About Power Steering Pressure Sensors

Despite measuring a fairly simple thing, power steering pressure switches actually have more of an impact on the way your vehicle runs than you'd think. A healthy power steering system ensures not only the performance of your vehicle's power steering, but the engine too.

How Power Steering Pressure Switches Work

The Power Steering pressure switch is responsible for everything to do with how your power steering fluid is travelling throughout the lines that make up your power steering system. If the pressure gets too high or too low, a signal will be sent to your vehicle's ECU which will then adjust the performance of the engine accordingly.

There is a problem with this however, and a faulty power steering pressure switch can be the cause of a number of problems within your vehicle's performance. As your power steering pressure switch begins to fail, the increased requirements placed on your engine to run the power steering system will cause your engine to experience drops in performance, be that in the form of slowing down, stalling or sudden spikes in power. All of these can obviously be incredibly dangerous in everyday driving conditions, making it vital that your power steering pressure switch always be in good working order.

Our Range of Power Steering Pressure Switches

Should you start to experience any of these issues and it's deemed you need a replacement, our range of power steering pressure switches will have you covered. Developed by some of the world leaders in automotive sensor technology, our power steering pressure switches will keep you as safe as possible on the road by helping to ensure not only reliable power steering function, but also consistent engine running.

In order to ensure this, all of our power steering pressure switches are manufactured to OE specifications of size, performance and build quality. This means they are built to last and run as your vehicle's manufacturer intended.