About Throttle Sensors

Getting your vehicle moving is all about hitting the accelerator, but many people don't realise the complex system of sensors and valves that make up your throttle system. Your throttle uses two key sensors to measure the position of both the accelerator pedal and the valves that open up the throttle body, allowing you to control the speed and acceleration of your vehicle with a simple small adjustment of your foot on the pedal. Sparesbox stocks a range of Pedal Position Sensors and Throttle Position Sensors from some of the most trusted brands including AFI, Bosch, Fuelmiser, Hella and Tridon

How Throttle Sensors Work

Your throttle pedal position sensor is located just after the accelerator pedal you step on to drive your car. By measuring the angle and position of the pedal, it allows your throttle to adjust the amount of air it allows through the throttle body as you require, allowing for acceleration and deceleration as a result. An accurate pedal position sensor is crucial for safety when driving, as well as for optimising the flow of air into your engine, something that's crucial for fuel economy.

Once your throttle pedal is pushed, it comes down to the throttle position sensor to determine exactly how much air to allow through the throttle body. By measuring the position of the valves or butterflies that open and close within the passageway of air that runs through your throttle body, it can send feedback to your engine's ECU which then optimises the flow of air into your vehicle cylinders.

Our Range of Throttle Sensors

Sparesbox has a range of over 200 individual throttle position sensors and throttle pedal position sensors, each of which has been individually engineered to fit perfectly and work seamlessly with your vehicles ECU. Made by the likes of AFIBoschFuelmiserHella and Tridon, every one of our throttle sensors has been manufactured to OE levels of quality, meaning you get quality and reliability worthy of your vehicle manufacturers' strict standards.