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About Pedal Position Sensors

Your vehicle's pedal position sensor plays one of the most important roles in making sure your vehicle is accelerating and decelerating as it should, as well as optimising fuel efficiency and engine power.

How Pedal Position Sensors Work

While your throttle position sensor has the task of measuring the position of the valve or butterfly within the throttle body, the pedal position sensor does the job of measuring the angle and physical position of the pedal as you push down upon it. As you push down more, the sensor sends a signal to the required systems that open up the throttle body further, allowing more air into the cylinders and helping you accelerate. As you take your foot off the pedal, the sensor detects this too, helping you slow down by closing the air flow.

A good pedal position sensor is absolutely vital for a number of reasons. By giving the most accurate reading of your throttle pedal's position, it helps to optimise the air flow, and in turn fuel consumption, of your engine. At the same time, getting the most responsive throttle performance is crucial in making sure you accelerate and decelerate as safely as possible, and get exactly the engine feedback you'd expect whenever you step on the accelerator.

A faulty pedal position sensor can have a number of symptoms. A drop in engine efficiency is one, as your engine is no longer the optimised flow of air and fuel that it needs to perform at its best. Commonly, the check engine light will also come on in your vehicle's dashboard, something your mechanic can verify after checking the vehicle ECU.

Our Range of Pedal Position Sensors

Spares Box carries a huge range of throttle pedal position sensors and accelerator position sensors, designed to cater for a wide variety of vehicles while fitting and performing to true OE standards. Manufactured by the likes of HELLA, BOSCH and AFI, every one of our pedal position sensors comes with a stamp of approval that puts it in with the world's finest when it comes to build quality, reliability and consistent performance.