Trailer Sockets & Trailer Adapters
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1 - 30 of 30
Narva Trailer Plug Adaptor 5 Round To 7 Flat 82240BL
Narva Trailer Plug Adaptor 7 Flat To 6 Round 82230BL
Narva Trailer Adapter Large Round to Flat 82235BL
Narva Trailer Adapter Flat to Small Round 82225BL
Narva Trailer Adapter Small Round to Flat 82215BL
Narva Trailer Adapter Flat to Large Round 82250BL
Narva Trailer Adapter Flat to Large Round 82245BL
Narva Trailer Socket 7 Pin Large Round 82062BL
Narva Trailer Socket 7 Pin Large Round 82054BL
Narva Trailer Socket 7 Pin Large Round 82052BL
Narva Trailer Socket 7 Pin Small Round 82032BL
Narva Trailer Socket 7 Pin Small Round 82022BL
Narva Small And Large Round Plug Holder 82330BL
Narva Trailer Adapter Small Round to Large Round 82275BL
Narva Trailer Socket Large Round to Small Round 82265BL
Narva Trailer Adapter Large Round to Large Round 82255BL
REDARC LED Trailer Lighting Adaptor - ACL5

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About Trailer Sockets & Trailer Adapters

Primarily used as an electrical connector between a vehicle and the trailer it tows, trailer sockets and trailer adapters are integral for powering the lighting elements of your trailer. Spares Box provides an extensive array of trailer plug adapter, trailer plug and other trailer plug connections from brands like Narva, Bosch and Hella.

What do Trailer Sockets & Trailer Adapters do?

Trailer sockets and trailer adapters are used to connect trailers and vehicles that have different connector types. With brass terminals, these products eliminate the need for re-wiring the trailer. One can choose a trailer socket and adapter as per their requirement like 7 pin trailer plug, 7 pin flat trailer plug, 5 pin trailer plug, 12 pin trailer plug and trailer sockets from large round to small and vice-versa.

With trailer adapters you have to match the plug end of the adapter to the socket on your car and the socket end of adapter to plug end on your trailer. A trailer adapter is made up of tough material with a nickel plated terminal that also enhances conductivity whereas a trailer socket is mostly a nickel plated brass terminal that leads to light performance apart from improving conductivity.

How are Trailer Sockets & Trailer Adapters Important for Many Australian drivers?

Since we have vehicles from different parts of the world, a trailer socket and trailer adapter comes to your rescue. With a mixture of distinct pins and plugs required by different states, countries and vehicle manufacturers as per regulations, you may find that you’re unable to plug a trailer into the socket of your vehicle. As such, these small parts can be crucial in getting you and your cargo on the road should you have to use a trailer in a different vehicle or location than usual.

Our range of Trailer Plugs, Trailer Sockets & Trailer Adapters

Spares Box is proud to be associated with the big brands in the market of trailer plugs and sockets. With brands like Narva, Hella and Bosch in our kitty, we are sure to meet your needs of superior performance. Every product sold under these brands is guaranteed to come with a certain degree of quality. NARVA also has a wide range of switches and relays that are manufactured to provide the utmost reliability and longevity.