About Transmission & Drivetrain

Transmission is a vital part of the everyday function of any car. Keeping a vehicle's transmission in working condition is essential in prolonging the life of a car’s engine, and can keep you from costly repairs or even entire transmission replacements. Getting quality transmission parts can also have a huge range of benefits for your car's performance, resulting in smoother, quicker gear changes and a more efficient output from your engine. Sparesbox is pleased to stock a range of transmission components including; Axle Parts, Clutch Components, Clutch Kits, Clutch Slave & Master Cylinders, Differential Bushes, Flywheels, Gear Link Bushes, Transmission Cooler Hoses and Wheel Bearings & Hubs from leading brands Exedy, LuK, Mackay, Protex, Sachs and SuperPro, suitable for application on a wide range of vehicle makes and models. 

How a Car’s Transmission Works

The function of a car's transmission is to ensure a suitable amount of power goes to your wheels, allowing you to drive at the required speed. By shifting gears, the correct speed is reached efficiently. Transmission parts, from clutch kits to flywheels, are important in the function of a gear change, be it manual or automatic, making them essential components in the process of how a car accelerates.

How Transmission Parts Can Benefit the Australian Driver

Our transmission parts and accessories are designed to fit the most well-known cars across Australia, including the forever-popular Toyota Corolla and Ford Falcon models. These transmission parts are generally made for heavy duty use to ensure that your transmission will last as long as possible, while we also stock a wide range of 4x4 specific clutches and flywheels for use off-road and under heavy loads.

We stock a number of important parts including advanced performance and racing clutch kits and flywheels that are suited to heavily modified and tuned vehicles.

Our Range of Transmission Parts

Our transmission parts and accessories are available for fitment on a range of vehicles, from small passenger cars to 4X4 vehicles. Our extensive range is supplied by leading transmission brands including SACHS, LuK and EXEDY, while we also stock a great choice of mounts and bushings from both SuperPro and Mackay.

We offer a broad range of transmission parts and accessories including clutch kits, pressure plates, differential bushes, slave and master cylinders, flywheel replacements, transmission cooler hoses and axle parts.