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About Flywheels

A car’s flywheel is a rotating device that stores rotational energy. It saves the energy that would otherwise be lost during braking, providing crucial levels of efficiency, and vastly improving the overall driving experience. Flywheels need to be both durable and responsive to ensure optimal performance while also maintaining reliable usage over many years of use.

How a Car’s Flywheel Works

A car’s flywheel produces power at a constant, relatively high speed. Of course, a car cannot maintain the same speed driving around town, so it needs to stop and start. While gears and clutch discs are there to partially deal with that reality, they cannot store power.

A car’s flywheel stores the rotational energy that your engine creates to be used after stopping or slowing down. As you drive away, the flywheel engages once more, providing added intertia and torque to your vehicle's internals as they get back up to speed once more and allowing maximum engine responsiveness.

How a Good Flywheel Can Benefit the Australian Driver

The flywheels we stock are designed as a flywheel replacement on many of Australia’s most popular models, from the Ford Falcon to the Toyota Camry. For Australians who like to work on their car, we stock advanced racing flywheels produced by EXEDY that are suited to heavily modified and tuned vehicles for use in racing and on the streets. EXEDY also manufacture 4x4-centric flywheels, that are manufactured for the sole purpose of delivering the best performance in off-road and heavy duty conditions.

Our Range of Flywheels

We use SACHS and EXEDY as our suppliers of premium flywheels. SACHS flywheels are all dual mass, and made to offer comfort and efficiency. EXEDY provide us with their world-famous range of sport and racing flywheels, produced using forged chrome moly steel for lightweight performance and supreme engine response particularly on high powered cars.

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