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About Wheel Bearings & Hubs

Wheel bearings and hubs assist the wheels of your car in spinning fast with as little friction as possible. At Sparesbox, you can find a wide variety of wheel bearing kits from Protex, one of the leading brands for aftermarket components.

What do Wheel Bearings & Hubs do?

Placed in a metal ring known as race, wheel bearings are a set of steel balls that are used on all kinds of vehicles. On your car, the wheel bearing is fitted tightly inside the hub and rides on a metal axle shaft. Though affixed to a stationary part, wheel bearings carry the entire weight of the car and allow the wheels to turn with low friction.

Essential for proper functioning and performance of your car, wheel bearings provide an even surface on which the wheel can turn smoothly. Apart from supporting vehicle’s weight, wheel bearings also endure the friction and heat from every day driving.

Why are Good Wheel Bearings & Hubs Beneficial for Drivers?

Made up of steel, wheel bearings are engineered to last as much as your car’s engine, but regular usage and heavy loads can make them wear. Wheel bearings can also be affected by water and dirt contamination. When bearings wear, they loosen up inside the hub, create a squeaking noise and give you a shaky driving feel.

Wheel bearings demand regular maintenance such as cleaning and greasing as they aren’t serviceable and most of the times, they have to be replaced. Since wheel bearings and hubs play a vital role in your car’s proper functioning, you need to take extra care of them for a smoother drive.

Our Range of Wheel Bearings & Hubs

Sparesbox has partnered with Protex to provide you a comprehensive range of wheel bearings and hubs for proper functioning of your car. Being one of the leaders in automotive transmission and suspension components, Protex uses latest technology, extensive research and development to offer high quality and cost effective solutions for your vehicle.

Protex’s range of wheel bearings and hubs is sure to deliver OE quality performance and suitable for a wide range of vehicles. Also, browse through Sparesbox’s catalogue of axle parts, clutch components and flywheels from Mackay and Exedy to ensure superior performance of your car’s transmission.