About Blow Off Valve Accessories

Being a highly customisable part of your vehicle and a matter of personal preference when it comes to noise, tone and performance, blow off valves come with a range of accessories that can be used to fine tune your blow off valve to your exacting standards.

How Can I Customise My Blow Off Valve?

The blow off valve is one of the archetypal performance parts to install in a modified car. Producing that distinctive hiss as it lets off the pressure built up by your vehicle's turbocharger, the sound of a blow off valve has become synonymous with speed and performance over the years, particularly in the market for modified Japanese and Australian vehicles.

However, many performance enthusiasts like to further fine tune both the performance and sound their turbocharger makes, either to make their vehicle sound even more imposing or keep things a little more subtle. The outlets of blow off valves can be customised with different attachments to customise the noise of the BOV, for instance trumpets that produce a low tone, and whistles that produce a more high-pitched BOV sound. A variety of different inlets, outlets and pipes are also available, which can help you customise the fitment and placement of your blow off valve even further.

Our Range of Blow Off Valve Accessories

Like our blow off valves, our blow off valve accessories are produced by GFB (Go Fast Bits), a Sydney-based company that has established itself as one of Australia's leaders in performance parts. All GFB products are precisely engineered for a wide range of vehicles, designed to meet Australian manufacturing standards of quality and reliability while also delivering staggering performance.

GFB's range of blow off valve accessories are precisely made to fit and be used with their entire range of blow off valves. We offer whistling trumpets, which attach to the exit point of the blow off valve and produce a louder, trumpeting whistle when the air is forced through it. We also stock GFB atmosphere conversion kits, which converts your blow off valve from a recirculating BOV to one that vents to the atmosphere. This in turn helps to prevent stalling and backfiring.

All of these products are precisely engineered from the finest materials, assured to deliver your personal vehicle with the finest technology and the best performance boost possible, as well as the best sound from your blow off valve that's customised to your tastes. You've invested in the best performance for your car, so why not make sure its tuned just how you like it?