About Blow Off Valves

Producing that distinctive hissing sound so many gear heads are familiar with, blow off valves help to release the pressure from the incredible amount of air being forced into a turbo charged engine.

How Blow Off Valves Work

With such immense pressures and temperatures being placed on the engine as a result of high performance usage, a good blow off valve is vital in ensuring the protection of your vehicle's entire intake system, the inlet manifold and all the other components responsible for getting a steady flow of high-pressure air into your vehicle's motor. By diffusing this built up pressure, blow off valves can help boost your turbocharger's efficiency, helping your engine reach peak levels of boost much faster.

Blow off valves can work as either recirculating or atmospheric venting valves. Recirculating BOVs transfer the air back into your turbo's inlet manifold to be used again, meaning you get the performance boost without the noise. Atmospheric venting BOVs are perhaps the more well-known parts, choosing instead to diffuse the pressurised air into the atmosphere and produce that disctinctive noise.

Our Range of Blow Off Valves

In order to offer the finest range of blow off valves and diverter valves to you, we've teamed up with GFB (Go Fast Bits), a Sydney based producer of high performance parts. For most vehicles, direct bolt-on blow off valves are available for an instant performance boost with minimal effort, and by choosing between their ranges you can tailor your valve to your sound preference.

GFB's DV+ range offers simple, recirculating diverter valves which make great use of the existing ECU and solenoids of modern performance cars. The Mach 2 range is also made up of recirculating blow-off valves for use in a wider range of performance cars, while the Respons TMS & Deceptor Pro lines both offer a completely customised blow off valve sound, from factory-spec silence to the full BOV kiss, and everything inbetween. They do this by offering adjustable venting between a recirculating outlet and an atmospheric vent, meaning you can get 100% of either, or a bit of both.

Our range of GFB BOVs is made to suit some of Australia's most popular and best-selling performance vehicles. Subaru WRX blow off valves, Mitsubishi Evo & Nissan Skyline blow off valves are all available, along with an outstanding line of Golf GTi diverter valves and other DV's for high performance European Hot Hatches such as the Golf R, Audi S3, Mercedes A45 AMG and the Ford Focus ST. When shopping our range of GFB blow off valves, be sure to check out our range of blow off valve accessories for a fully customised turbo management solution.