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About Boost Gauges

Having boost gauges in your car are useful for more than just letting your mates know you have a fast ride. Forming the perfect part of any good boost control kit, stay in perfect control over your vehicle's performance with our range of high quality boost controllers to suit all Turbocharged vehicles.

How do Boost Gauges Work?

Boost gauges measure the pressure of the air being forced into your vehicle's combustion chambers (or 'boost') by the turbo in a turbocharged car. As many aftermarket turbos are customisable with the addition of boost controllers, BOVs and the like, boost gauges are vital in being able to monitor the performance and output of a turbo from the comfort of a vehicle's cabin. This allows the driver to make adjustments to suit the conditions and driving that they're doing, maximising both the performance and efficiency benefits that you get from a turbocharged engine.

Our Range of Boost Gauges

Sparesbox carries boost gauges and turbo gauges to help you monitor every aspect of your turbo's performance, from classic boost gauges through to exhaust gas temperature gauges and transmission temperature gauges. We also stock a wide range of mounting cups and brackets to ensure that your gauges look as good in your vehicle as possible.

All of our boost gauges are supplied by Turbosmart, one of Australia's leading names in turbo parts and a supplier to race, drag and drift teams across the world.