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About Transmission Speed Sensors

Transmission speed sensors are one of the key components in your vehicle speed sensor set up, helping to optimise both engine and transmission performance as effectively as possible.

How Transmission Speed Sensors Work

The transmission speed sensor uses a fairly simple method to accomplish this rather complicated feat, through the use of a magnetic coil. This coil measures the rotational speed of the torque converter or input shaft in the transmission. In turn, this information is then transferred to the vehicle's ECU or transmission control module, which can then optimise the timing of your engine and allow it to sync up perfectly with your vehicle's gear ratios.

A faulty transmission speed sensor has the opposite effect on this, and as such it can cause a number of issues with regards to both transmission performance and fuel economy. Harder shifting, a lack of responsiveness in your vehicle's dials and even problems with your vehicle's cruise control are all symptoms of a failing transmission speed sensor, while a lack of transmission efficiency can severely impact your vehicle's efficiency too.

Our Range of Transmission Speed Sensors

Different types of transmissions need different types of sensors, some of which are dedicated to measuring input speed, some of which are dedicated to measuring output speed. Regardless, all transmission speed sensors are vitally important to your vehicle's transmission, clutch and engine performance, and as such we've made it our goal to provide a great range of quality replacements should yours go wrong.

A good transmission speed sensor and a timely replacement can save you thousands in costly engine or transmission repairs further down the track. Spares Box carries a choice of transmission sensors, all made by globally acclaimed brands in vehicle sensor technology. All of these transmission sensors are manufactured to deliver build quality, reliability and performance that's truly worthy of OE standards.