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About Winches & Winch Accessories

Primarily used to pull your 4X4 out from range of strenuous conditions, 4X4 winches are an essential for an off-roading enthusiast. Sparesbox takes the stress out of getting caught in a sticky situation with our range of Winches and Winch Accessories from one of Australia's leading suppliers of 4x4 Recovery Equipment, Mean Mother

What do 4X4 Winches do?

Under the harshest Australian conditions, 4X4 winches assist the driver in pulling out their vehicle from mud, sand and snow. Attached to the front part of your 4wd, a winch makes use of a tough rope and powerful motor. The rope is attached to a nearby anchor or tree and with the help of the motor, the heavy duty vehicle is pulled out from the uneven terrain.

For a winch to work efficiently, the driver needs winch accessories like tree savers, bow shackles, recovery tow hooks and synthetic ropes. All these accessories perform a distinct role in your winch’s functioning and further helping your vehicle.

How are Good 4X4 Winches Handy for Off-roading Enthusiasts?

When you are out there exploring the great outdoors, a good 4x4 winch is vital to pull out your vehicle with ease. While winches act as a rescuer in those extreme and unexpected conditions, it is essential that your winch and its accessories are both tough and reliable. Tough to help you in different Australian conditions, may it be mud, sand or snow and reliable enough to perform well at the time of need.

4X4 Winch accessories are an upgrade to your existing winch system and can assist in making the process of pulling out your vehicle more convenient. These accessories can also be used to replace your old and worn-out accessories.

Our Range of 4X4 Winches

Sparesbox stocks a varied line of 4X4 winches and winch accessories from one of Australia’s leading brand, Mean Mother. Mean Mother is Australia’s most reliable brand when it comes to 4X4 recovery gear and winches. Manufactured in Australia, all their products are further tested in tough Australian conditions.

Designed to meet the needs of Aussie off-roaders, Mean Mother produces winches in 3 ranges: the heavy duty Boss series for the heaviest, most extreme off-roaders; the Edge series to suit the widest range of SUVs, Trucks, Off-Roaders and 4WDs; and the Peak Series for compact 4x4s, crossovers and small SUVs. At Sparesbox, we also stock Mean Mother shackles, winch solenoids, winch control boxes, recovery hooks and even upgrade kits to make your electric winch remote controllable.