About 4x4 Winches

Designed with a cable and crank, a car winch is basically used to let the driver and vehicle out from difficult situations. Sparesbox stocks winches from Mean Mother, one of the leading manufacturers in Australia.

What does a 4x4 Winch do?

If you find yourself in a situation where truly nothing else will get you out of the mud, a trusty winch will always provide a way out. Attaching to the front of your vehicle, winches utilise a tough rope that attaches to any available anchor nearby and a powerful motor to pull yourself out of tough terrain when your vehicle won't go any further under its own power.

How are Good 4x4 Winches Crucial for Off-Roaders?

Winches are crucial for off-roaders as they help the heaviest vehicles to be pulled out with relative ease. Because they are so vital in getting both you and your 4x4 out of a place where you're well and truly stuck, winches have to primarily be 3 things: tough, reliable and powerful. Tough enough to operate in the most extreme conditions, reliable enough to perform well any time you need, and powerful enough to carry the heavy-duty vehicles out of the toughest terrain without interruption.

Our Range of 4x4 Winches

Sparesbox’s range of 4x4 Winches comes in a wide variety of options to suit every enthusiast, vehicle and application. Mean Mother winches come in 3 ranges: the heavy duty Boss series for the heaviest, most extreme off-roaders; the Edge series to suit the widest range of SUVs, Trucks, Off-Roaders and 4WDs; and the Peak Series for compact 4x4s, crossovers and small SUVs.

Steel and synthetic rope options are available across our entire range, as are bare options for you to use your own choice of rope. All 3 Mean Mother winch ranges also come with varying weight capacities and voltages to ensure not only that you get power that's tailored to your vehicle, but also that you're not paying over the odds for power that you don't need.