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About Snatch Blocks

When a simple winch won't cut it in a desperate situation, Snatch Straps can provide that added layer of versality to help you get out of a spot when stuck at a tricky angle.

What Does a Snatch Block Do?

Snatch Blocks exist to essentially reduce the amount of strain placed on a winch while it's in the process of hauling another vehicle out of tricky terrain. By acting as a buffer enabling the winch cable to be looped around and attached to the front of the vehicle, snatch blocks can cut the strain put directly on a winch in half, while also allowing your vehicle's winch to operate around corners and from different angles when stuck in uneven terrain.

As such, snatch blocks, when used with snatch straps and tree trunk protectors, can be one of the most versatile parts of any recovery kit, enabling your vehicle to get out of far more predicaments than it would when equipped with just a winch.

Our Range of Snatch Blocks

Sparesbox carries a strong range of snatch blocks from Drivetech 4x4, Mean Mother and ARK, 3 of Australia's leaders in supplying recovery gear, winches and equipment for off road and rural driving. All of our snatch blocks are made out of the latest materials to be as tough and reliable as any snatch block on the market, while providing an industry standard 8 Tonnes of winching capacity.