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About Washer Fluids

Washer Fluids are primarily used to clean your car’s windscreen with the help of windshield wipers when the car is in motion. Sparesbox is proud to be associated with one of the leading brands in car care, Autoglym to offer you a fine choice of washer fluid.

What does Washer Fluid do?

Your vehicle's windscreen is possibly it's most easily soiled surface, bearing the brunt of rain, dirt, dust and grime throughout the year, as well as the constant threat of sap and animal droppings. For a clear and smear-free vision, washer fluids are poured into your vehicle's wiper system to clean your windscreen and rear window whenever you need it.

Why are Good Washer Fluids Beneficial for Drivers?

Having to deal with a wide range of different contaminants and build ups on your windows, windscreen washer fluid has to be relatively harsh and a powerful cleaner, while also being gentle enough not to cause any further damage to your vehicle's actual windshield. It also has to be able to function across a variety of temperatures and conditions, i.e. not freeze in cold conditions, but also work well when subjected to the high temperatures of your vehicle's engine bay, and of course be able to be mixed in a variety of dilutions to suit the conditions.

Our Range of Washer Fluids

Sparesbox offers windscreen wash that's truly set up to fit pretty much every driver on the road. When it comes to your screen wash in particular, we've sourced the very finest in the form of Autoglym's Ultimate Screenwash.

Autoglym Ultimate Screenwash ticks all of the boxes above, with the capability of working in temperatures as low as -45 degrees C. One 500 mL bottle is so strong it can be diluted to produce up to 8 Litres of screenwash that will cut through a huge range of contaminants on both your windscreen and your headlights. Importantly, it's also safe to use with all trim materials and paint types, meaning it won't harm a single surface on your vehicle's exterior. All of this comes at an outstanding price, and leaves a fresh scent on your windshield for the truly royal treatment that Autoglym has become famous for.