About Epoxy, Sealant & Glue

Sparesbox stocks a huge range of sealants, liquid gaskets and epoxy compounds to suit applications all across your vehicle. Developed by world leaders in sealant technology, namely J-B Weld and ThreeBond, everything here is formulated and engineered to seal, bond and repair all areas of your vehicle as effectively as possible.

Why Good Sealant & Epoxy Can be Vital for your Car

Making sure certain aspects of your vehicle are adequately sealed from the incursion of water, contaminants and dirt is absolutely imperative and can potentially save you heaps in repairs over the life of your vehicle. Engine components need complete protection from any water or grime to make absolutely sure nothing gets in your combustion chamber other than air and fuel.

Previously, metal gaskets made from soft, pliable materials were used to provide this seal, but these would frequently crack and distort under the high amounts of pressure and heat that your vehicle can generate on a day to day basis. As a result, liquid solutions have been developed by companies such as ThreeBond and J-B Weld, which allow for precision injection into any part of your engine to create the toughest and most effective seals for your automotive components.

Our Range of Epoxy Sealant

Sparesbox is happy to stock a fantastic range of Epoxy and Sealant from both J-B Weld and Threebond. As the strongest bond available without resorting to high-temperature welding, J-B Weld's Epoxy range mixes together to form bonding agents that can withstand incredible temperatures and amounts of pressure. Perfect for sealing cracks, bonding uneven surfaces or even repairing damaged metal from the ground up.

For sealing areas of your vehicle from water and contaminants, we also stock a range of silicon-based sealants from both J-B Weld and Threebond. They're pliable at application, dry into a solid seal and are incredibly effective at keeping out any water or grime from the parts of your car where they could cause potential damage. In addition to this, sealants liquid gaskets are able to operate at extreme temperatures and pressures, both hot and cold, making them perfect for a huge use of applications in any performance, passenger or heavy duty vehicle. Threebond also stock specialised sealants for use in vehicle engine blocks, differentials and motorcycle chain cases.

For more generic jobs where a general sealant is required, check out our range of general purpose automotive sealants and thread lockers, which are brilliant for using on nuts, bolts and a great deal of vehicle fastenings. The advantage of using a sealant like this is that they remain pliable with either a mild, moderate or firm hold to keep fastenings in place where needed, allowing you to undo them when necessary as well.