About Grease

Having all of the pins, bolts, nuts, and other metal components grinding against each other in your vehicle can be incredibly harmful for it in the long run. For such a simple substance, Grease performs an incredibly important role in your vehicle.

How Automotive Grease Works

Grease helps to lubricate many joints, bearings and arms that work on an everyday basis to help your car run effectively. As well as this, Grease also works to keep many of the nuts, bolts and screws that hold your vehicle together in place, while providing adequate levels of lubrication to ensure that they can be easily removed and replaced when needed. In order to do that, automotive grease needs to be extremely effective at maintaining its integrity in high temperature and high pressure situations, while being flexible and adaptable enough to suit a huge range of applications and locations throughout your vehicle's interior.

Our Range of Grease

To make sure you get the very best lubrication for your vehicle's more detailed areas, Spares Box stocks both large and small tubs of Extreme Performance Grease from Australia's home grown expert in automotive lubrication and liquids, Nulon. Nulon Extreme performance grease utilises PTFE Fluorocarbons in a lithium based grease, resulting in the creation of an advanced formula that is extremely resistant to high presure and high temperature situations.

Whether you simply need to grease a nut or a bolt, whether you live in freezing or boiling conditions, you can be sure that Nulon will deliver incredibly effective all-round lubrication for a huge variety of applications and areas around your vehicle. Spares Box's range of Nulon Extreme Performance grease comes in both 450g tubs and cartridges, meaning you can either have a handy tub for ease of access at any time, or an easy to store solution to keep around a tightly packed workshop and use in more cramped areas of your vehicle.

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