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About Seals, Fittings & Rings

Ensuring that you get the perfect fit and preventing unwanted oil and lubricants from finding their way around your engine bay, high-quality Seals, Fittings and Rings are a necessity for Automotive Professionals, Trade Professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Seals, Fitting and Rings come in a broad range of styles and fitments from standard O-Rings to Quick Fluid Stopper's and Oil Sealing Plug sets that are suitable for application on a wide range of automotive components.

Our Seals, Fittings and Rings

Sparesbox has teamed up with one of Australia's leading manufacturers of Automotive Tools, Toledo Tools, to offer a broad range of Seals, Fittings and Rings that have been designed for a range of applications.

Toledo Seals and Rings are constructed using premium quality polyurethane that has been engineered to retain its structural integrity and keep a tight seal in the most extreme conditions.