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Catalytic Converters & Test Pipes


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About Catalytic Converters & Test Pipes

Catalytic Converters have long been the bane of many performance-oriented drivers. A legal requirement on many vehicles, they've long been bemoaned for the effects they have on the engines of performance cars as they restrict exhaust flow out of the engine. Now though, that problem is no more.

How Performance Catalytic Converters Work

Catalytic converters work to neutralise the harmful exhaust gases that are generated by your engine before they are released into the atmosphere. Much like any other filter, cats also restrict the amount of air passing through them, which can significantly reduce engine performance. Your engine can only perform as well as it can expel exhaust gases, and as such many exhaust upgrades intrinsically come with some form of catalytic converter upgrade too.

Performance cats are made specifically to ensure that while your vehicle's harmful effect on the environment is reduced, your performance isn't. In order to do this, performance cat converters utilise a high flow design to optimise exhaust flow while neutralising the same gases as before, meaning your engine can get more fresh air into it's chambers.

How a Hi-Flow Cat can Benefit Australian Drivers

Performance cat converters form a vital part of any exhaust upgrade. While many exhaust systems are of the cat-back variety (meaning your stock cat is left in place), a high-flow cat can prove a handy add-on to boost the performance of your new exhaust system without having to invest in a header or turbo back system.

Performance cats also ensure that while you may be maximising your vehicle's performance, the harmful effects that a powerful engine can have on the atmosphere are kept to a minimum, meaning you get great performance and a karma boost along the way.

Our Range of Catalytic Converters

Our range of high flow catalytic converters comes exclusively from XFORCE, who are one of the nation's most trusted names in performance exhaust systems, mufflers and of course cats. All of our XFORCE Cats are designed to work exclusively with their great range of performance exhaust systems, as well as the exhaust systems of some of Australia's most popular performance vehicles.

All XFORCE hi-flow cat converters are fashioned from the finest 304 grade stainless steel for corrosion and rust resistance, and feature either metallic or ceramic substrates for the best neutralisation of gases for both racing and off-road use.