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Performance Exterior Parts

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About Performance Exterior Parts

Tightening your wheel nuts or lug nuts may seem like a straightforward and relatively mindless process, you keep tightening until you can’t turn the wrench anymore- sounds simple enough. In reality, over-tightening your wheel nuts can distort those Performance Brake Rotors that you have just invested in, produce uneven rotor wear and lead to disc thickness variation which can cause inconsistent and unpredictable brake performance.

Sparesbox understands that wheel nuts are more than just a small piece of the puzzle, they’re literally keeping the wheels from falling off your car. In addition to a high quality Torque Wrench, having the right wheel accessories can improve the way that your vehicle drives and reduce premature wear on expensive brake and suspension components.

Why are Performance Exterior Parts Important for Drivers?

Performance exterior parts may seem like a small piece of the performance puzzle, however, in reality, investing in inexpensive wheel accessories can save you thousands of dollars over the course of owning your vehicle. Over tightened wheels can lead to brake rotor distortion and result in warped disc rotors and disc thickness variation (DTV) which could cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in brake rotor machining or brake rotor replacement.

Our Range of Exterior Parts

Sparesbox has teamed up with Project Mu to offer Australian motorists a range of premium Race Nut and Super Lock Nut products. One of Japans leading manufacturers of high performance brake pads since 1988, Project Mu know everything there is to know about brake components and wheel accessories.

Project Mu Wheel Nut and Lug Nut sets have been engineered for racing and high performance driving applications. Featuring a floating collar for improved wheel contact and greater consistency when setting nut torque, Project Mu Wheel Nut and Lug Nut sets will help you achieve the perfect wheel nut torque every time.