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Control Arms


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About Control Arms

What are Control Arms?

Control arms link the chassis of your vehicle to the suspension or hub where the wheel is carried. The nature of these arms mean they have to put up with incredible forces and shocks while they dampen the vibration that would otherwise go into your chassis and in turn, your cabin.

As you could imagine, this is an incredibly important job that requires the control arm to be able to deal with a huge amount of stress, twisting force, heat and abrasion every day. Control arms play an important role in the way your car handles. Linking the chassis of your vehicle to the suspension or hub where the wheel is carried, the control arms effect the way that your vehicle handles and turns in a wide range of driving situations.

What are the Benefits of Control Arms?

Damaged or broken control arms can throw out the alignment of your wheels and compromise the way that your car handles. When the control arm assembly in your vehicle has been damaged, the wheels are no longer working with each other or the suspension in your vehicle.

Naturally, control arms are expensive pieces of equipment to replace, and for this reason when investing in a new one or a replacement for your vehicle, it's vital that you choose one that's built to last the distance. A good pair of control arms will put up with years of punishment and thousands of kilometres worth of driving in all conditions.

Our Range of Control Arms

Sparesbox is pleased to stock a range of high performance Superpro Control Arm Kits that ensure you're getting the best value for the highest quality products to keep you raised above the road.

SuperPro control arms come as part of their Roll Control range, one of SuperPro's premium suspension ranges, aimed at reducing the amount of body roll and abrasion that occurs on all performance and passenger cars as they're required to handle properly in all conditions. In order to guarantee premium performance, SuperPro Roll Control Arms are premium manufactured from premium alloy materials to save on weight while delivering outstanding strength and torsion resistance.

SuperPro also produce an outstanding line of control arm bushings, made out of proprietary polyurethane to deliver their famous qualities of heat and abrasion resistance, with amazing strength and weight reduction characteristics.