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Suspension Bushes

  1. SuperPro Duroball Control Arm Bush Kit DURO3739K

    Front, Upgraded stiffness in bushing but with no compromise in articulation.
  2. SuperPro Duroball Control Arm Bush Kit DURO3738K

    Front, STi alloy arm only. Offset bush to increase caster.
  3. $222.95
  4. SuperPro Duroball Control Arm Bush Kit DURO4428K

    Front, Performance setting, Caster increase only.
  5. SuperPro Duroball Control Arm Bush Kit DURO4425K

    Front, Standard settings
  6. SuperPro Duroball Control Arm Bush Kit DURO3741K

    Front, Alignment Correction. Offset bush to increase caster
  7. $58.95
  8. $47.95
  9. $359.95
  10. $18.95
  11. $17.95
  12. $18.95
  13. Superpro Leaf Spring Bush Kit SPF2230HK

    Front, "1972 to 7/1980 only,""H"" Kits for H/D applications"
  14. Superpro Leaf Spring Bush Kit SPF2230K

    Front, 1972 to 7/1980 only, OE:90385-15002.
  15. $97.95
  16. Superpro Idler Arm Bush Kit SPF0368K

    Front, 4WD Excluding V6
  17. SuperPro Suspension Bush Kit SPF0686K

  18. Superpro Panhard Rod Bush Kit SPF0427K

    Rear, Sedan
  19. SuperPro Suspension Bush Kit SPF0563K

    Front, Parallel bore
  20. $52.95
  21. Superpro Leaf Spring Insulator Bush Kit SPF0721K

    Rear, Saloon & Traveller, Optional
  22. Superpro Idler Arm Bush Kit SPF0602K

    Front, Tapered style bush
  23. Superpro Leaf Spring Pad Bush Kit SPF0819K

    Rear, Pivot pad Spitfire 4/1500, GT6 Mk3, swing spring type
  24. $127.95
  25. Superpro Radius Rod Bush Kit SPF1099-17K

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About Suspension Bushes

What are Suspension Bushes?

Suspension Bushes are one of the most important pieces of the suspension puzzle. Designed to keep the joints and arms of your vehicle's suspension system from grinding against each other, causing premature wear of expensive suspension components, Suspension Bushes are one of the most important components in maintaining the comfort and ride quality of your vehicle.

Each vehicles suspension system comprises of a number of arms, bars, joints and hinges that, without high-quality Suspension Bushings, would have no protection from the extreme heat, abrasion and constant pressure that comes with keeping the body of your vehicle off the road and ensuring that you and your passengers are comfortable in a wide range of driving conditions.

What are the Benefits of Suspension Bushes?

Think of Suspension Bushes as insurance for your vehicle's suspension. Where most OE Suspension Buses are made using a rubber compound that is prone to distortion and bending when exposed to Australia’s harsh climate and poor road conditions, high quality aftermarket Suspension Bushes are made using Polyurethane.

Polyurethane Suspension Bushings offer a significant improvement over traditional rubber bushings. Engineered for a higher quality, quieter and more compliant ride for you and your passengers, Polyurethane Suspension Bushings boast superior memory qualities, reduced vibration transfer and greater steering feedback.

Our Range of Suspension Bushes

Sparesbox has partnered with SuperPro, Australia’s leading supplier of Suspension Bushes. Engineered and manufactured using an elastomer based material for improved ride quality and greater durability than their OEM counterparts, Superpro Suspension Bushes are one of the most effective way to improve the ride quality of your vehicle and insure expensive suspension components from premature wear and damage.