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    Shim Kits & Wheel Alignment

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    1. $27.95
    2. $17.95
    3. $12.95
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    5. $17.95
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    11. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1325K

      Front, 1.6mm shims in pack
    12. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1326K

      Front, 3mm shims in pack
    13. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1327K

      Front, 6mm shims in pack
    14. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1600-1.6SK

      Front, 1.6mm shims in pack
    15. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1600-6SK

      Front, 6mm shims in pack
    16. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1600-3SK

      Front, 3mm shims in pack

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    About Shim Kits & Wheel Alignment

    Sparesbox wants to give you every opportunity at achieving perfectly poised handling, which is why we've gone to two of Australia's performance suspension leaders. SuperPro and Whiteline, to source eveyrhting you need to achieve the perfect wheel alignment.

    What Do Wheel Alignments Adjust?

    Whenever you get your wheels aligned (or do it yourself), what you're essentially doing is altering the way your wheels are aligned in relation to the road, the chassis of your vehicle and the suspension of your car. There are three main types of ways in which your wheels are aligned with the road: camber, caster and toe.

    Camber refers to the way your vehicle's wheels sit on a vertical axis along the side of your car. Vehicles with negative camber have the tops of their wheels pointing inward towards the vehicles (with the bottom pointing outward), and vice versa for positive camber. Adjusting your camber can greatly effect the way your vehicle's tyres make contact with the road during cornering, making it a ppopular adjustment for performance vehicles that require high turning stability at high speed.

    Caster is essentially how your vehicle's suspension set up is pivoted forward or backward in relation to your wheels. The most common choice for drivers is to have a small degree of positive camber, which means the shock absorbers and springs are pointing backwards towards the rear of the vehicle. This helps your suspension deal with the forces placed on it under braking and cornering car more effectively, having the dual benefit of reducing your wheels' tendency to camber under higher amounts of pressure.

    The toe of your wheels works on a horizontal axis, and is a finer adjustment that's only commonly made by high performance drivers to really fine tune their handling. Toe in means the front of the wheels are pointing inwards, and toe out means the front of the wheels are pointing outwards, each of which has different effects on vehicle performance when cornering and braking in a straight line.

    How do Alignment Shims Help With This?

    The process of adjusting your camber, caster or toe requires the use of many fine-tuned components to hold the newly adjusted suspension in place under intense cornering forces. Acting essentially as high pressure, incredibly tough spacers, shims are plates that are pre-cut at a set thickness to provide spacing between your key suspension components, in turn adjusting your suspension and wheels either negatively or positively in terms of camber, caster and toe. The precision that comes with pre-cut shims allow you to make sure your vehicle's suspension is tuned to a degree of accuracy that wouldn't otherwise be possible with the naked eye.

    Our Range of Wheel Alignment and Alignment Shim Kits

    Spares Box a great range of camber kits, caster kits, camber bolts and alignment shim kits, all of which have been manufactured from high performance materials to deal with the most intense driving conditions. All of these parts are clearly marked and designed to be used by both motorsport teams and everyday enthusiasts alike, meaning you can be sure of the perfect suspension tune every time.