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    1. $102.55


    2. $130.44


    3. SuperPro Front End Alignment Kit KIT057K

      Front, Kit Contains: SPF0018K x 2, SPF0175K x 1, SPF0427K x 1, SPF0509K x 1



    4. SuperPro Front End Alignment Kit KIT056FK

      Front, Kit Contains: SPF0161K x 1, SPF0314K x 1, SPF1003K x 1



    5. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT112K

      Front and Rear, 2WD 5/1989-12/1994 SPF1659Kx1, SPF1202AKx1, SPF1869Kx2. See any notes listed against individual part numbers below.



    6. SuperPro Camber Adjustment Kit KIT094K

      Rear, Offset kit 2 x SPF2589K & 1 x SPF2591K



    7. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT113K

      Front and Rear, 4WD 5/1989-12/1994 SPF1659Kx1, SPF1831AKx1, SPF1869Kx2. See any notes listed against individual part numbers below.



    8. $198.84


    9. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT116K

      Front and Rear, SPF1202AK x 1, SPF1869K x 2. See any notes listed against individual part numbers below.



    10. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT118K

      Front and Rear, Suits 10/2000-9/2004. Kit Contains SPF1388AKx1 & Rear Camber Bolts.



    11. $114.25


    12. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT126K

      Front and Rear, GT-T 5/1998-6/2001 SPF1811Kx1, SPF2681Kx1, SPF1202AKx1, SPF1750Kx1, SPF1869Kx2. See any notes against individual part numbers below.



    13. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT127K

      Front and Rear, GTS-T/ECR33 9/1993-5/1998 SPF1811Kx1, SPF1202AKx1, SPF1869Kx2. See any notes listed against individual part numbers below.



    14. $205.15


    15. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT129K

      Front and Rear, SPF2308Kx1, SPF2318Kx1, SPF3195Kx1, SPF2311Kx1. See any notes listed against individual part numbers below.



    16. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT130ADJK

      Front and Rear, SPF2821Kx1, SPF2822Kx1, SPF2823Kx1 SPF2370x1, SPF2679Kx1, SPF2674Kx1, SPF2675Kx1, SPF2676Kx1, SPF2677Kx1. See any notes listed against individual part numbers above.



    17. $253.75


    18. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT142K

      Front and Rear, SPF2418Kx1,SPF2489Kx1,SPF2072Kx1,SPF2062Kx1, SPF1974Kx1,SPF1975Kx1,SPF2544Kx1,SPF2601Kx1,SPF1973Kx1



    19. $98.05


    20. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Kit SPF1600SLK

      Front, Super low option, Includes shims



    21. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT132NAK

      Front and Rear, SPF1984-80AKx1, SPF1985-80AKx1, SPF1986Kx1, SPF1987Kx2, SPF1988AKx1, SPF1990Kx1, SPF1991Kx1, See any notes listed against individual part numbers below.



    22. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Kit SPF1600SL-V8K

      Front, V8 & XR6. NOTE:Mounting nuts inside guard, kits include shim plates.



    23. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Kit SPF1600-V8K

      Front, V8 & XR6. NOTE: Mounting nuts inside guard, kits includes shim plates.



    24. SuperPro Suspension Alignment Kit KIT132NBK

      Front and Rear, SPF1984-80AKx1, SPF1985-80AKx1, SPF1986Kx1, SPF1988AKx1, SPF1990Kx1, SPF1991Kx1, See any notes listed against individual part numbers below.



    25. $135.84


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    About Camber Kits & Caster Kits

    Ensuring that you're adjusting your camber and caster safely is a matter of utmost importance. For this reason, Spares Box has sourced a range of outstanding Caster Kits, Camber Kits and bushings, all of which are Australian engineered from two of Australia's Suspension leaders: SuperPro and Whiteline.

    What is Camber & Caster?

    Camber and Caster essentially refers to the way your vehicle's wheels are aligned with the rest of the chassis. Camber works on a vertical axis, and adjusting your vehicle's camber means adjusting the way the top and bottom of your vehicle's wheels point in relation to the chassis. If your vehicle is adjusted for negative camber, the top of the wheels are pointing inwards towards the chassis and the bottom of the wheels are pointing outwards, and positive camber achieves the opposite.

    Caster angle is basically the way in which your vehicle's suspension points in relation to the wheels. if you were to draw a 90 degree line up from the middle of your wheels, the struts on a car with neutral caster will follow this line. Negative caster means that the suspension points forwards to the front of the car, and positive caster has the suspension pointing backwards.

    Why Would I Adjust My Camber and Caster?

    Adjusting the wheel alignment of your car can give you additional poise and customised handling to suit a variety of different conditions. Adjusting your camber and caster can also improve your steering, making it more responsive and also able to be customised to deal with varying tracks, road conditions or suspension systems. For instance, adjusting your wheels for negative camber (where the top of the tyre is pointing inwards and the bottom outwards), is often favoured for the benefits it has on your vehicle's grip at high speeds. Positive caster can also have dramatic effects on suspension performance, helping your vehicle to disperse braking and cornering forces much more naturally into your shocks and springs.

    Our Range of Camber Kits & Caster Kits

    The variety of suspension adjustment kits that both SuperPro and Whiteline offer is incredibly important in offering a range of customised steering and handling solutions for your vehicle. Whiteline camber bolts and Superpro camber adjustment Kits, caster adjustment Kits and toe arm kits are perfect for making small tweaks to your vehicle's alignment. These adjustment kits can vary the angle that your wheels point on the road, and the premium materials and engineering of Superpro kits present the best and safest way of doing this. For shoring up your newly adjusted suspension, SuperPro also manufacture the relevant alignment shims to fit your vehicle specifically.

    Superpro also offer full overhaul kits to completely realign your vehicle's front end. These kits come with all the bushings to adust your sway bars, control arms, panhard rods and trailing arms and improve your vehicle's steering and handling. All Superpro alignment bushings are crafted from the finest quality polyurethane to provide the best resistance against abrasion, heat and vibrations. All of these elements combined mean that you don't just get a customised hadnlign experience, but also one free of vibration and a steering set up that feels as secure and responsive as possible.

    When adusting your suspension set up and alignment, be sure to invest in the best steering bushings and parts to ensure that your steering systems are optimised to deal with a suspension alignment and provide the best handling experience possible.