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    11. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1325K

      Front, 1.6mm shims in pack
    12. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1326K

      Front, 3mm shims in pack
    13. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1327K

      Front, 6mm shims in pack
    14. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1600-1.6SK

      Front, 1.6mm shims in pack
    15. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1600-6SK

      Front, 6mm shims in pack
    16. SuperPro Camber Caster Adjustment Shim Kit SPF1600-3SK

      Front, 3mm shims in pack

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    About Shim Kits

    Achieving the utmost precision when adjusting your vehicle's wheels or suspension comes down to the shims you use. Ensure that you're gearing your car up for the best handling by fine tuning your suspension with our range of alignment shims, caster and camber shims.

    What Do Alignment Shims Do?

    Alignment shims are basically spacers, which slot in-between your suspension components to increase the gap or angle that they sit in relation to one another. By increasing or decreasing the gap or angle between two parts, you achieve the effect of adjusting your vehicle's camber, caster or toe to suit the road and driving conditions you're about to undertake. This makes shim kits absolutely vital for high performance drivers and race teams which need to make quick adjustments to a vehicle's wheel or suspension.

    Why Are Shim Kits Important to Suspension Tuning?

    The beauty of alignment shim kits is that they stack on top of one another, allowing you to completely fine tune your vehicle's camber and caster to a degree of accuracy that wouldn't otherwise be possible. For instance, adding more shims between your vehicle's lower control arms and the chassis can provide negative camber, while removing the same amount will bring it back to a more neutral position.

    Our Range of Shim Kits

    Spares Box carries a huge range of alignment shim kits which allow for the most accurate, precise adjustments in all areas of your vehicle's camber, caster and toe. Manufactured by SuperPro Suspension, our shim kits are made from the highest quality metals to put up with the extreme demands and forces created under cornering, braking and driving in high-performance conditions.

    Perfect for adjusting camber and caster to incredible precision in terms of degrees or millimetres, our Superpro shim kits come in shapes and sizes ranging from 1mm to 3mm in thickness, with packs of anywhere between 5 and 15 shims available to cater for all vehicles and suspension set ups.