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Ignition Modules


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About Ignition Modules

Ignition Modules are one of the most complex parts in your ignition system, and form a vital part of your vehicle's overall engine management system. Ignition modules are incredibly important in regulating when your vehicle's spark plugs get the required voltage to fire, meaning that a faulty module can have a severe impact on how effectively your engine generates power. For this reason, a reliable ignition module is vital to have in every car on the road.

How Ignition Modules Work

Ignition modules are small electrical boxes that essentially form the heart of your ignition system. While the ignition coil creates the current and your distributor shares it to your engine, your ignition module works to control the timing of when the current is fed into your ignition coil from the battery, in turn controlling when the current reaches the distributor to be shared amongst your spark plugs. Ignition modules also ensure the reliability and longevity of your ignition coil, as controlling the amount of current fed into it prevents it from overheating and underperfoming.

Why a Good Ignition Module Can Benefit Australian Drivers

Forming the heart of your ignition, the module has to be incredibly reliable and ensure precise firing times hundreds of times every minute, hence their relatively high price in comparison to many other ignition parts. At the same time though, if your ignition coil starts to malfunction or needs replacing, you'll definitely made to know about it through engine misfiring, your engine completely cutting out or simply refusing to start.

As you could imagine then, getting a reliable ignition module in your car is absolutely vital, and while it may not be a worry for many drivers, you should expect any ignition coil you buy for your car to last many years and many hundreds of thousands of kilometres.

Our Range of Ignition Modules

Ignition modules need to have the highest levels of engineering and quality control to ensure reliability and optimum performance. For this reason, we've gone to only the world's leaders in ignition systems to source our extensive range of ignition modules. With names like BOSCH, Hella, AFI and Tridon providing our range of spark plug modules, you can be sure that every ignition module you get from Spares Box is guaranteed to go the distance and provide your vehicle with the most reliable, efficient performance possible.