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    1. Mackay Idler Arm Bush Kit A1459

      Front, Tapered Style Bush
    2. Mackay Lower Idler Arm Bush A1130

    3. Mackay Idler Arm Bush Kit A1457

    4. SuperPro Idler Arm Bush Kit SPF0956K

      Front, NH to NJ
    5. SuperPro Idler Arm Bush Kit SPF0910K

      Front, 29mm OD 20mm ID
    6. $14.95
    7. $11.95
    8. $29.95
    9. SuperPro Idler Arm Bush Kit SPF1006K

      Front, 33mm OD bush
    10. $7.95
    11. $24.95
    12. $85.95
    13. SuperPro Steering Bush Kit SPF1063K

      Front, Replaces OEM UKC2322
    14. $17.95
    15. $18.95
    16. $43.95
    17. $33.95
    18. SuperPro Steering Bush Kit SPF2551K

      Front, Replaces OEM 54444-19U00 RHS & 54445-65F00 LHS
    19. SuperPro Steering Bush Kit SPF0034K

      Front, 260Z
    20. SuperPro Steering Bush Kit SPF0033K

      Front, 240Z
    21. $17.95
    22. $56.95
    23. $64.95
    24. $89.95
    25. SuperPro Steering Bush Kit SPF2427K

      Front, One side only, other side is solid mount
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    About Steering Bushes

    Like so many other components and systems in your vehicle, your steering set up requires a number of bushings to make sure it's multiple components, rods, links and pumps are connected properly and not in a way where they have the potential to damage each other through abrasion. 

    What do Steering Bushes Do?

    Being such a high pressure, high stress system of your car, steering bushings have to be built tough and able to deal with high levels of heat, sudden sharp movements and the constant motion that comes with providing your vehicle with safe and effective handling. The benefits of this are also passed on to you, as the enhanced protection afforded to your steering components result in you experiencing reduced vibration, harshness and noise for a more comfortable driving experience.

    Why are Steering Bushes Important for Drivers?

    Our range of SuperPro steering bushes are premium manufactured to ensure that you're getting the reliability and protection that you need for your steering components. SuperPro bushes are manufactured with their proprietary polyurethane construction that makes Superpro the first name in performance bushings. The use of polyurethane as opposed to hardened rubber like other bushings not only saves weight, but also enhances these bushings with increased abrasion resistance, heat management properties and stability under extreme conditions. When other rubber bushes will start to fade away and need replacing, SuperPro polyurethane bushings will last, and last, and last, regardless of whether they're being put in your daily drive or a high-performance vehicle.

    Our Range of Steering Bushes

    Spares Box is pleased to offer a complete range of SuperPro Steering Bushings suitable for application on a wide range of vehicles. SuperPro offers complete steering bush replacement kits to overhaul your steering bushes with high quality replacements, as well as steering column coupling bushes and steering control arm bush kits. All SuperPro steering bush kits also come with premium quality washers, nuts, bolts and any other necessary components where applicable for quick and easy installation.