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Unlock Unbelievable Handling & Incredible Grip

The SuperPro Roll Control Range is the result of years of home grown engineering and fine tuning, all in the pursuit of the perfect suspension enhancements for both track-oriented vehicles and everyday performance enthusiasts.

From their sway bars to their roll centre kits, control arms and bushings, every SuperPro roll control product has been engineered from the ground up with the finest materials to ensure that you get the sharpest steering, the best grip and the best reduction in body roll. All of this means you'll have the confidence to throw your car into the corners every time.

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Roll Control Alloy Control Arms

SuperPro control arms will deliver the very best in lasting rigidity under high stress conditions, and provide optimum stability for your suspension and steering systems.

SuperPro develop control arms for a wide variety of daily drives and track vehicles, and all of this put together means that whether you're on the road or the circuit, you get quality handling for longer.

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Roll Control Sway Bars

SuperPro's Roll Control roll bars are designed to tighten up your handling, whether you're firming up your daily drive, building a performance vehicle or heading off road.

Made of lighter, tougher materials and alloys coupled with premium polyurethane bushes, SuperPro Roll Control roll bars will deliver the perfect level of body roll reduction for your specific needs.

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Roll Control Sway Bar Bushes

SuperPro's roll control sway bar bushings utilise their proprietary polyurethane material to craft sway bar bushings that add durability, reliability and performance to your sway bar.

Along with this, SuperPro sway bar bushings will deliver superior abrasion resistance and an enhanced ability to deal with stress, meaning that your sway bars work harder and you get more grip, particularly if your caster, camber or toe has been adjusted.

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Roll Control Roll Centre & Anti Lift Kits

SuperPro Roll Control Roll Centre Kits are the perfect solution to any lowered vehicle, helping to reduce body roll and bump steer, restoring the front of your car's centre of gravity to its optimum level.

SuperPro have specifically designed these kits for lowered vehicles, greatly increasing front roll resistance and significantly reducing suspension compression.

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