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About Bump Stops

Australia’s poor quality roads mean that critical suspension components are subject to extreme stress that can lead to premature wear. Having high-quality Bump Stops fitted to your vehicle is a critical component in achieving a comfortable ride for you and your passengers. 

What do Bump Stops Do?

Think about all the pedestrian crossings, speed bumps and pot holes you go over a little too fast, only to be greeted with the deep jolt as your suspension reaches its limits. Bump stops are designed to help protect your suspension system in the cases where it's pushed as far as it can go, also known as "bottoming out". This is particularly important for vehicles that have custom or lowered suspension, to ensure your vehicle isn’t scrapping against the road surface when it hits bumps or pot holes.

Why are good Bump Stops Important for Drivers?

Made using a blend of high quality rubber or polyurethane, Bump Stops are designed to absorb and sustain your vehicles suspension from all manner of shocks, heat and stress, not only when they're put to the test under extreme conditions, but also day-to day as they form an integral part of your suspension set-up.

When combined with dust covers, Bump Stops form an integral part of suspension service kits, and offer a great all-round replacement solution to ensure the longevity of your suspension set up and ensure that you and your passengers ride in comfort on Australia’s less-than-ideal roads.

Our Range of Bump Stops

Spares Box stocks a range of premium Bump Stops that have been designed to improve the ride quality in your vehicle. With Bump Stops from a range of local and international manufacturers including SuperPro, Sachs, Mackay and Air Bag Man, our diverse range has been carefully selected to suit a wide range of vehicles and applications