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Throttle Position Sensors

  1. Throttle Position Sensor AFI TPS9322

    Engine, VIN #JSAEZC21S00100001 on
  2. $90.95
  3. Throttle Position Sensor BOSCH TPS9039

    Engine, Engine Code: 20 6E B<
  4. Throttle Position Sensor AFI TPS9000

    Engine, Manual Trans
  5. $238.95
  6. Throttle Position Sensor AFI TPS9144

    Engine, Engine Code: EJ22, SOHC, VIN: JF2BFB, Refer Image
  7. $167.95
  8. $205.95
  9. Throttle Position Sensor AFI TPS9152

    Engine, Engine Code: EJ251 SOHC VIN: JF1GDE
  10. $598.95
  11. $105.95
  12. $134.95
  13. $207.95
  14. $125.95
  15. $231.95
  16. $135.95
  17. Throttle Position Sensor AFI TPS9265

    Engine, Auto Trans
  18. $90.95
  19. $263.95
  20. Throttle Position Sensor AFI TPS9020

  21. Throttle Position Sensor AFI TPS9022

    Engine, Engine Code: 25 6E 1/2<
  22. $90.95
  23. Throttle Position Sensor AFI TPS9023

    , Engine, For Auto Transmission
  24. $122.95
  25. $86.95
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About Throttle Position Sensors

Throttle position sensors help monitor the level of power you're choosing to apply to your engine, allowing it to regulate fuel and air intake as efficiently as possible, as well as help you control your speed as safely as you can. Spares Box has pooled together the resources of some of the world's finest automotive sensor manufacturers to bring it's range of throttle position sensors to you, all online at the best price.

How Your Throttle Position Sensor Works

The throttle position sensor is one of two key components that control your vehicle's acceleration. While the pedal position sensor actually takes note of your foot's position on the accelerator pedal, the throttle position sensor measures the angle and position of the valve, plate or butterfly that opens and shuts within your vehicle's throttle body. This provides a signal to your vehicle's ECU which allows it to optimise your vehicle's ignition timing, as well as it's fuel and air flow. As you could imagine, a good throttle position sensor is vital for ensuring peak throttle response, acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Your vehicle's ECU is highly sensitive to any discrepancies in sensor performance or reporting, and installing a throttle position sensor not compatible with your vehicle can lead to disastrous results for your engine.

Our Throttle Position Sensor Range

Spares Box carries a vast range of over 200 throttle position sensors from some of the world's finest auto electrical manufacturers. With the likes of Bosch, HELLA, Fuelmiser and AFI at our disposal, we can guarantee that every one of our throttle position sensors will deliver the very best throttle performance and reliable operation for your engine. Every throttle position sensor we sell is engineered to fit with your vehicle's ECU and sync with your particular car perfectly, something that's crucial when it comes to throttle position sensors.