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About Clutch Kits

Clutch kits are essential in transmitting power from a rotating motor to the transmission. Without a clutch, a car cannot complete each function required to turns its wheels. Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, your clutch has to be engaged for you to be able to change gears, and as such a good clutch kit can be vital in ensuring smoother gear changes, faster gear changes and improved vehicle response.

How a Clutch Kit Works

Clutch kits are made up of a pressure plate, flywheel, friction disc and release bearing. A pressure plate provides pressure which holds the friction disc between the plate and the flywheel. A flywheel maintains inertia, and a release bearing absorbs force and reduces wear, allowing longer engine life. Overall, a well-functioning clutch kit will benefit the whole driving experience.

How a Good Clutch Kit Can Benefit the Australian Driver

The clutch kits we stock are designed to replace existing clutches on many of Australia’s most popular models, from the Toyota Hilux to the Mazda 3. We stock advanced performance and racing clutch kits that are suited to heavily modified and tuned vehicles from Japan, the US and Europe, as well as Australia. A good clutch also has to be as durable as possible, and many clutches will go many years and hundreds of thousands of km's without being swapped out.

Clutch kits are relatively easy to fit, and can be completed at home with the use of car stands to raise your car off the ground, and a trolley jack to remove the gearbox.

Our Range of Clutch Kits

Our clutch kits are supplied by EXEDY, LuK and SACHS. These brands specialise in manufacturing OEM clutch kits. Be it a SACHS clutch kit, LuK or EXEDY, each one is designed to give seamless part replacement. EXEDY also offers a huge range of clutch kit upgrades for high powered vehicles, designed for amateur and professional motorsports as well as serious off-roading.

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