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Clutch Components

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About Clutch Components

Consisting of clutch disc, pressure plate and release bearing, clutch components play a vital role in the proper functioning of your car’s transmission. Sparesbox carries a massive range of clutch components from Exedy, one of the most reliable brands when it comes to buying clutches and accessories for transmission vehicles.

What do Clutch Components do?

A clutch disc is a metal plate located between the engine flywheel and clutch pressure plate that spins the flywheel and applies pressure to clamp the clutch disc. A release bearing acts as a connection between the pressure plate and clutch linkage.

In simpler terms, when you press the clutch, the release bearing pulls the pressure plate and clutch disc away from the flywheel to disconnect the engine from the drivetrain. In turn, when you release the clutch pedal, the bearing allows the springs to push everything back and the clutch gets engaged.

How are Good Clutch Components Beneficial for Drivers

Your car’s clutch components are in operating everyday whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission car. With regular usage, these components do wear and might also screech when the clutch pedal is depressed.

The clutch disc also goes in to a state of wear due to the normal process of depressing and releasing the clutch, resulting in loss of friction material from the surface. Poor functioning of clutch components can lead to misalignment issues and should be replaced in time.

Our Range of Clutch Components

Sparesbox stocks an extensive variety of clutch components from Exedy. Being the world leader in OEM clutch systems, Exedy uses quality products to design powerful results for a variety of applications.

Exedy is one of the major automotive manufacturers and offers clutch components for racing, sport and heavy-duty performance. Sparesbox also carries a range of axle parts, flywheels, transmission cooler hoses and differential bushes to offer premium performance of your car’s transmission.

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