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Clutch Slave & Master Cylinders


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Items 1 to 240 of 559 total

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About Clutch Slave & Master Cylinders

The master cylinder in your clutch is controlled by the clutch pedal on your car. When it is pressed, the master cylinder transfers the hydraulic fluid to the slave cylinder, which in turn moves the necessary components required to release your clutch. Clutch master cylinders and clutch slave cylinders have both internal and external seals that can easily fail, potentially either leaking the fluid throughout your transmission and causing additional damage to vital components throughout your gearbox or stopping the effective circulation of the fluid between your slave and master cylinders, compromising clutch performance. If your clutch pedal is pressing all the way to the floor, you're finding yourself unable to change gears or brake fluid is leading around your clutch system, your clutch slave or master cylinders may need changing.

One of the areas of your vehicle's transmission that fails more commonly than others, clutch slave and master cylinders come in a wide range to fit a huge variety of vehicles. Of course, the leaking of brake fluid throughout your transmission system or vehicle's interior, being the corrosive substance that it is, can be potentially disastrous, so it's vital that you get the higest quality slave and master cylinders to guarantee the most reliable and consistant performance from both your clutch and your transmission.

To guarantee this, we've sourced an outstanding range of clutch slave and master cylinders from both SACHS and LuK, all of which are engineered for premium quality, outstanding reliability and consistent performance in all driving conditions and styles. SACHS and LuK produce both conventional clutch slave cylinders and concentric slave cylinders to use in systems where clutch release bearings and the slave cylinders are merged into one unit. These SACHS slave and master cylinders are manufactured to OE levels, meaning they're produced to a level of quality that's approved by a huge range of the world's top vehicle manufacturers.

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