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Differential Bushes

  1. $77.95
  2. $46.95
  3. $51.95
  4. Mackay Side Diff Mount Bush A6054

  5. Mackay Side Diff Mount Bush A6053

  6. $143.95
  7. $88.95
  8. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2582K

    Rear, Re-use original inner tube. Front of differential mounting point.
  9. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2543K

    Rear, 54mm outside diameter bushing.
  10. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2654-70K

    Rear, SX only, Steel outer shell type replacement bushing, Bush mounted in subframe, NOTE Comfort option
  11. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2654K

    Rear, SX only, Steel outer shell type replacement bushing, Bushing mounted in subframe, Complete replacement bushing, NOTE Sports/Performance option, Possible slight NVH
  12. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2739K

    Rear, Both ends of aluminium brace arm at front of diff
  13. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2637K

    Rear, Replacement tubes in kit. Front of differential mounting point.
  14. $93.95
  15. $82.95
  16. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2750K

    Rear, Competition or Race use only; Remove original shell; Located at the rear of the differential.
  17. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2769K

    Rear, Upper is replacement bushing, lower is insert to original rubber bushing
  18. $64.95
  19. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2876K

    Rear, Housing mounts, Complete replacement bushing kit.
  20. $183.95
  21. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF2926K

    Rear, IRS Vehicles, Replaces upper original mount 5228214010 and lower mount 5228114010
  22. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF1514K

    Rear, Standard axle
  23. Superpro Differential Bush Kit (Standard) KIT187K

    Rear, SX only, Kit Contents - SPF3148PK x 1, SPF2654-70K x 1
  24. Superpro Differential Bush Kit SPF3005K

    Rear, Pinion to cross-member mount, horizontally mounted, must remove original shell for fitment.
  25. Superpro Differential Bush Kit (Performance) KIT197K

    Rear, SX only, Kit Contains SPF3148PK x 1, SPF2654K x 1
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About Differential Bushes

Differential bushes are primarily responsible for providing smooth transfer of power from the engine to the wheels under acceleration. Sparesbox boasts a varied range of differential bush kits and differential mount bushes from Mackay and Superpro.

What do Diff Bushes do?

Acting as a vibration isolator, bushings are made of rubber or polyurethane and separate the faces of two metal objects while allowing easy movement of the differential. When travelling over a large bump, bushes minimize transmission of noise and small vibrations through to the chassis of the vehicle.

Rubber bushings are flexible and allow minimum transmission of noise and vibration whereas Polyurethane bushes have features of both rubber and plastic and are unaffected by extreme temperature, coolants and oils. Their superior abrasion resistance and control of vibration, makes them a safer bet compared to rubber bushings.

How are Diff Bushes Critical for Drivers?

Your differential is what defines how much power is given to each of your wheels. As with clutches and axles, they require a number of bushings to separate all of their cogs and plates, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and nothing grinds against each other.

Playing a crucial role in your car’s transmission, differential bushes are prone to wear on vehicles that have travelled long distance and vehicles towing heavy loads on a regular basis. You should replace your worn differential bushings with highly durable ones to let your vehicle perform to the best of its ability.

Our Range of Diff Bushes

Our range of premium differential bushings from Superpro and Mackay Rubber will provide you with exactly the same. Being some of the most innovative manufacturers of automotive bushings and hoses, these brands have created a niche in the Australian market.

The products from Superpro come packed with high quality and lasting performance while Mackay Rubber’s range of bushings and exhausts guarantee durability and reliability. The differential bushings are designed to meet or even exceed OE specifications and perform in both on and off-road applications.