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Boost Controllers


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About Boost Controllers

Boost controllers are some of the most effective and value-friendly performance upgrades you can perform on your turbocharged vehicle. With our extensive range of manual and electronic boost controllers, you can be sure of truly optimised turbo performance, quicker boost and better acceleration.

How Boost Controllers Work

Boost controllers help to regulate the amount of air going into the intake manifold of a turbocharger, thus controlling the boost it generates. This makes for one of the most simple and easy performance and power increases available for your vehicle, as well as a truly customised performance experience. In turn, this ensures that your vehicle's turbo is performing in a way that's as easy on your engine, as efficient and as effective as possible.

By regulating the amount of air going into the turbo more efficiently, boost controllers can help your vehicle's turbo spool quicker and reach peak levels of boost much more efficiently. Boost controllers can come in both manual forms, which regulate boost through adjustable valves in turbocharged vehicles that also have waste gates. For all other vehicles, electronic boost controllers attach to your vehicle's ECU to regulate boost according to your driving conditions and preference.

Our Range of Boost Controllers

Our particular range of boost controllers are manufactured by Australia's home grown leader in performance parts, GFB. Bred out of Sydney, GFB have developed a loyal fanbase by creating incredible quality performance parts, designed for the Aussie market and offered at the best price. No other company caters to Australian car enthusiasts quite like GFB, and for that reason we're truly proud to be a trusted seller for them.

GFB has a massive range of both electronic and manual boost controllers, all engineered to provide the very best performance and the most effective boost regulation for your vehicle. The G-Force and D-Force ranges of electronic boost controllers both come with incredible customisation capabilities and a list of features that outstrips all of its closest competitors from some of the biggest names in performance engineering in both features and value.

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