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Vehicle Speed Sensors

  1. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1017

    Input Sensor Transmission, Engine, Transmission Input Shaft, Inlet, For engine number: FE (16 V)
  2. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1016

    , in transmission housing, Transmission Input Shaft, Input Sensor Transmission, ATM
  3. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1018

    Engine, Transmission Speed Sensor, 4-spd auto only
  4. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1021

    in transmission housing, Outer transmission end, Engine, Input Speed Sensor
  5. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1022

    , in transmission housing, Engine, Trans Rev Speed Sensor
  6. $91.95
  7. $89.95
  8. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1038

    Engine, Input Sensor Transmission
  9. Wheel Speed Sensor AFI WSS1566

    Right Front, , Front RH, 3/2007 to 12/2008
  10. Wheel Speed Sensor AFI WSS1565

    Left Front, , Front LH, 3/2007 to 12/2008
  11. Wheel Speed Sensor AFI WSS1586

    Brake, Front RH with ABS
  12. $212.95
  13. $209.95
  14. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1015

    , in transmission housing, Output Sensor Transmission, Engine, ATM
  15. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1019

    Input Sensor Transmission, Engine, , Output Sensor Transmission, Engine Code: FA20D
    VIN: JF1ZC6
  16. $65.95
  17. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1036

    Transmission End, Output Auto To Engine No: 02AR6550
  18. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1035

    Transmission Input Shaft, Input Auto To Engine No: 02AR6550
  19. Transmission Speed Sensor AFI TSS1037

    Output Sensor Transmission, Transmission End, Output Auto From Engine No: 02AR6551
  20. Wheel Speed Sensor AFI WSS1375

    , Right Front, Righthand Front
  21. Wheel Speed Sensor AFI WSS1578

    Front, Left Front, VIN:6G1P#5E5
  22. Wheel Speed Sensor AFI WSS1585

    Brake, Front LH with ABS
  23. Wheel Speed Sensor AFI WSS1594

    Brake, Left Rear, VIN: KL3CD26C
  24. Wheel Speed Sensor AFI WSS1587

    Brake, Rear LH with ABS
  25. $160.95
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About Vehicle Speed Sensors

Vehicle speed sensors are sensors designed to measure the rotational speed of a component within your vehicle, whether it be the wheels that connect your vehicle to the road, or a spinning element in your vehicle's internals such as the transmission. Sparesbox stocks a range of Transmission Speed Sensors and Wheel Speed Sensors from AFI, Bosch, Fuelmiser and Hella to make finding the right Vehicle Speed Sensors easy. 

How Speed Sensors Work

Speed sensors are designed to give you and your vehicle's ECU the most accurate reading of how fast your vehicle and it's components are travelling, so both driver and vehicle are optimising their actions to deliver the best power output and fuel economy possible. As a vital component in making sure the driver is getting the most accurate reading of their vehicle's speed, they're also a crucial safety measure and important in making sure they're driving within the confines of road laws.

A crucial safety measure in any car, wheel speed sensors attach to the wheels of your car to give you an accurate reading of how fast you're travelling at any given moment. By giving you the most up to date information on the speed of your vehicle, not only will this keep you safe but it will also help you run your engine as efficiently as possible.

Many vehicles also use transmission speed sensors, which are magnetic coils that attach to the input shaft of your transmission. By measuring the rotational speed of your transmission shaft as accurately as possible, your vehicle is able to shift as smoothly as possible, thereby optimising both its performance AND fuel economy.

Our Range of Speed Sensors

Our range of premium speed sensors from Bosch, AFI and HELLA will keep everything running smoothly, as will our value option from Fuelmiser. Sparesbox has a range of over 500 speed sensors for both wheel and transmission, each of which is engineered to deliver true OE performance and reliable operation every time you head out on to the road.